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Medical Facilities

Maharashtra Government has directed all Government & Municipal Hospitals and Hospitals attached to Medical & Dental Colleges to provide free investigations & complete treatment to all Senior Citizens. Investigations include all laboratory investigations, X Rays, CT Scan, ECG. Minor & major operations, ICU etc are also included. There will be separate ques for Senior Citizens for case paper, consultations with doctors & medicines. Except, 3 major Hospitals-Nair, KEM & Sion, all Municipal Hospitals have confirmed in writing that they are giving free treatment to all senior Citizens.

Action by Ministry Of Health & Family Welfare :

Ministry has formed a National Programme for Care Of Elderly during 11th Five Year Plan, which comprises - National Programme for Health Care of Elderly (Main Scheme) and development of National Institutes of Ageing with a total allocation of Rs 400 crores during Plan Period.

Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana:The State Government of Maharashtra has launched Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (RGJAY) in order to improve medical access facility for both Below Poverty Line (BPL - Yellow card holders) and Above Poverty Line (APL- orange card holders) families.This in turn will enhance the quality of medical care to BPL and APL families. To know more visit

Major activities proposed under the main scheme are as below :
Development of 30 bedded health care units for Elderly Persons in 25 Medical Colleges in the Country.
Development of 10 bedded Geriatric Units at District Hospitals in 100districts of the Country @ 4 districts attached to each Medical College.
Development of Physiotherapy Unit at all the CHCs falling under 100 Districts.
Weekly once OPD for Elderly and arrangement for Health Melas at the level of PHCs.
Involvement of ASHA at Community Level.
As regards the NIAs, these will be the apex referral institutes of the Country with 200 beds facility. Basic aim of these institutes will be development of specialized manpower, research in gerontology and patient care.
Health Ministry has started accreditation of Hospitals and Health Providers to ensure better medical service to Senior Citizens.
Director General of Health Services has carried out projects on training of health manpower as well as developing training modules on geriatrics for different health functionaries for the purpose of providing training. A survey was conducted to find out the burden of diseases among geriatric population & the Report has been published in 2007.National Programme for Health Care for Elderly, approved by Ministry of Finance in June, 2010 has been notified with operational guidelines on their Web Site. A few meetings of stakeholders have been convened for finalizing the implementation strategy. Funds are released to Regional Medical Centres & States.
Free of cost health services are already being provided to all Below Poverty Line (BPL) citizens including Senior Citizens. The Policy for providing land at subsidized rates for construction of private hospitals & charitable trusts already exists.
As regards provision of geriatric wards in all the hospitals, article 20 of " Maintenance and Welfare of Parents & senior Citizens Act, 2007" directs the State Governments to provide beds for all senior citizens as far as possible. Under NPHCE, there is provision for developing 30-bedded geriatric wards in 8 Regional Geriatric Centres and 10-bedded wards for Senior Citizens in 100 District Hospitals during 11th Five Year Plan.
There is a proposal in the NPHCE to provide training to the Community Members in geriatric care by ANM at sub-centre level. Ministry of S.J. & E. is also taking care in respect of the training of geriatric care givers.
One of the important components of NPHCE is information, communication and education. Strategy will be devised to increase awareness of the community in respect of the role of balanced diet, proper exercise, yoga etc in prevention and control of diseases. Mass media programme will be framed to increase the awareness of the public as well as the medical care givers on the various provisions being provided under NPHCE.
NPHCE will provide funding for research programme which will include all the important geriatric problems including Alzheimer disease. Apart from this, the mental health problems are being taken up separately through a dedicated National Mental Health Programme, which will take care of elderly also. Central, some States, some Municipal and some Private Hospitals give free or concessional treatment including pathological investigations. Many Trusts, Organizations, Lions` Club, Rotary Clubs, Associations etc arrange free/concessional camps, lectures, counseling, supply of required medical equipments free or concessional rate etc. Many Chemists give concessions in medicines. Large number of Organizations has come up with alternative Medical Care Systems like Ayurved, Homeopath, Yoga, Acupressure, Reiky etc etc free or at a cost.

National Insurance Company has introduced Varishtha Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens between 60 to 80 years EXTEDABLE UP TO 90 YEARS with a basic cover of Rs 1 lakh covering Hospitalization & domiciliary hospitalization and Rs. 2 lakh for critical illness. It shall cover pre existing diseases after claimless 1 year. Many other Insurance Companies also offer various schemes for Health Insurance.